Fantastic Behind The Scenes Of Photos From Famous Films

Fantastic Behind The Scenes Of Photos From Famous Films

Every DVD released these days comes packaged with bonus footage – whether that be an ‘alternate ending’, commentary from the Director or interviews with the cast themselves.
But rarely do you ever get to see the ‘true’ making of the film. What happens on set, the techniques they use & the props they build are often closely guarded secrets. Fundamentally film studios don’t want to give away their tricks of the trade as it were!
But in a world of CGI and 3D effects, you still need actors, crews and more importantly direction to piece it all together.
Here’s 16 images (in addition to our 20 Images From Classic Movies post) that give you an inside perspective as to what happens behind the camera on iconic movie sets such as The Terminator, Iron Man, Star Wars, JAWS, The Muppets, Titanic, The Dark Knight and Inception. We’ve even included recent releases like Tarantino’s impressive Django.
There will always been an element of magic & illusion when it comes to making movies, but as you’re about to see, that magic rests entirely in the hands, vision & imagination of those working away on set.
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