Woman Gets Back at Cheating Husband With Humorous Craigslist Ad

Woman Gets Back at Cheating Husband With Humorous Craigslist Ad

You know what they say about a woman scorned. Well, thanks to the internet, such feminine fury can now have a world-wide reach.
A British Columbia woman whose husband left her for a “piece of trash” decided to extract some revenge on the philanderer by selling all of his stuff. So when he went away for the weekend with his “floozie” she, unbeknownst to him, posted on ad on Craigslist offering all of his possessions for sale.
Included on the list were “lots of tools he didn’t know how to use” and a “brand new sliding glass door that he never installed.” However, don’t expect to find any of his clothes at this unique garage sale. She already burned them, although she writes that shoppers can view their ashes free of charge.
The woman, who has also filed for divorce, probably won’t get to keep all the money from the sale, which will be divided along with any unsold assets. But she says she is doing it for the look on his face when he returns home from his illicit weekend to find all of his stuff gone.
Check out the entire ad, which includes not-so-subtle digs at his sexual prowess below.
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