Your Childhood vs Your Adulthood, Artistic Interpretation

Your Childhood vs Your Adulthood, Artistic Interpretation


Everyone agrees, life was a lot easier when you were a kid. It was also a lot more fun at times – you could squirt the neighbors with a gigantic water pistol, shriek with laughter and then duly bound down the street with glee, utterly carefree. Do that as an adult and you’ll more than likely get sued from that same neighbor on account of causing “mental distress”. Alas, some people don’t know how to have fun these days. Photographer Dominik Smialowski and child-like artist Monika Prus are all too aware of this fact. They’re the duo behind these melancholy images, which serve to highlight the contrast between that carefree kid and bleak reality of an adults world – where life just has a habit of getting in the way.


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