Floating Houses: Spooky Levitation Photography- Rafa Zubiria

Floating Houses: Spooky Levitation Photography- Rafa Zubiria (8 photo)


Moving home just got a whole lot spookier thanks to the visionary work of Spanish photographer Rafa Zubiria His new photo series, titled No Way Home is based around homes, flats & apartment blocks mysteriously levitating in mid air as life continues on around them. He describes his work as “disturbing and dreamlike surrealism” and we couldn’t agree more, there is a strangely unsettling element about these images, especially the first one with a passerby totally unaware of what is unfolding on the horizon. How would you react if you looked up into the sky and saw a block of flats just floating upwards in silence? More than a little spooked right? We can’t wait to see what Rafa does next, he’s already got the talent, concept and vision – so as far as we’re concerned, the sky is literally the limit for him (and his houses!)

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