Interactive 'Do Not Touch' Music Video Records Cursors

Interactive 'Do Not Touch' Music Video Records Cursors (1 photo + 1 video)

Picture, if you will, a Follow the Bouncing Ball music video. You probably enjoyed them as a kid because they felt vaguely interactive, like if you didn’t listen to Ludwig Von Drake and refused to play along, you’d miss out on the fun. OK, now picture a FtBB…but with games…and pretty girls…and thousands of people all over the world helping out.
That’s the idea behind Do Not Touch, an interactive website that doubles as a NSFW music video for Light Light’s “Kilo.” According to the band, “After 50 years of pointing and clicking, we are celebrating the nearing end of the computer cursor with an ever-changing music video where all our cursors can be seen together for one last time.”
In other words: screw you, Ludwig Von Drake.


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