Outrageous Photographs Of Drunken Brits

Outrageous Photographs Of Drunken Brits


You’ve probably heard the phrase “Merry Ol’ England” right? Well as you’re about to see, those Brits / Welsh / Scots certainly do like to have a cheeky beer. Actually make that LOTS of beer. When it comes to London, you might have visions of the magnificent Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s guards, high-end fashion prowling the streets, designer shopping at Harrods, the imposing Big Ben / London Eye or the steeples of Westminster Abby – where politicians debate and shape the future of the emerald isle. Across in Cardiff (the capital of Wales) you might envisage the majestic Millennium Stadium or the imposing Cardiff Castle and finally if you head up to Scotland (and its capital the World Heritage listed Edinburgh) – you can’t stop but appreciate the genuine wit, buzz and excitement of their world-famous Edinburgh Comedy & Fringe festival. What you don’t see (until now) is what happens after dark in those capital cities. With the Queen safely in bed and tourists cooped up at the hotel bar – out comes the dreaded Friday night UK public! And thus begins the endless rounds of cheap cider & tequila, sweaty servings of fish & chips, heat lamp lit curries and a dirty kebab on the way home. Heavy drinking and basically assuming your alter-ego each Friday night is part and parcel of life in the United Kingdom. If you don’t wake up in the gutter with tandoori all over you – it hasn’t been a good night. So with that in mind, enjoy this hilarious selection of the youth having a lot of fun all over the UK….and lot of booze!

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