Now you Can advertise your brand on Other Dudes Mohawks!

Now you Can advertise your brand on Other Dudes Mohawks!


Since the dawn of time people have been discovering new and unusual ways to make a living. Most of us have regular jobs which bring us an income, but alarming there are individuals out there that sell the naming rights of their first born to bring in the cash. Which brings us nicely onto entrepreneur Mohawk Gaz and whilst he isn’t tattooing his face with logos he’s taken the rather unique and fun approach of letting brands, teams and corporations sponsor his mohawk. You can do the same thing too! A bunch of people have been walking around with interesting mohawks. The likes of Google, VISA and even the NBA are just some of the brands that have splashed the cash to be emblazoned on his ft long mohawk. It’s certainly one of the more unusual and eye-catching (which is what all adverts try to be) ways to get your brand noticed. So what do you think? A genius idea or utterly ridiculous? Would you walk around with a basketball hoop attached to your head for $5K? Let us know the comments below.


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