Innovative Posters Of Villains & Superheroes! By Andres Romero

Innovative Posters Of Villains & Superheroes! By Andres Romero


You can tell the graphic designer / illustration wizard Andres Romero aka bloOp is a huge fan of comics and superheroes. It goes a long way into explaining the brilliant set of villain and superhero posters that he’s painstakingly created. Minimal in design but sharp in style, his intial burst of inspiration came from seeing Marko Maney’s work. We’ve selected 27 of our personal favorites, but make sure you check out bloOp’s entire online collection which current sits at 129 epic posters – gold star if you’re able to name all the characters! You can find the complete gallery on , with over 129 posters! Awesome work and it’s fun to see if you can recognize all of the characters. Enjoy!


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