The Evolution Of Vintage Japanese Graphic Design

The Evolution Of Vintage Japanese Graphic Design


When it comes to graphic design, the 1920′s and 1930′s serve as fascinating zeitgeist in Japanese culture. The surging influence of the Western culture in different mediums – cinema, magazines and TV, started to be adopted & reconfigured by Japanese artists. These evolving art forms reflected Japan’s socio-economic transformation, the rise of its industry and technology sectors and even a shift in political thinking, from right to the more social aware left. Those internal influences, combined with that of from the West, had a significant impact on traditional Japanese graphic design. Suddenly it started to becoming bolder, brighter, less stark, more colorful and it’s imagery more impactful & striking. The fascinating evolution of Japanese graphic design in the 1920-1930′s was a direct reflection the bubbling melting pot of influences & issues occurring within the country itself. Below are a few highlights during that decade of change, you can find out more about the evolution of Japanese graphic design by getting yourself a copy of Modernism on Paper: Japanese Graphic Design of the 1920s-30s from which these are taken. Enjoy!

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