Google Reveals Google Plus Was Just One Long April Fool’s Joke

Google Reveals Google Plus Was Just One Long April Fool’s Joke


As it has in years past, Google revealed a series of practical jokes on April 1st such as Gmail Blue and Google Nose (like scratch & sniff, but not as funny). But perhaps its most significant reveal was the news that Google Plus, its much-maligned social network, was just one long practical joke. “We’re surprised anyone every actually used it,” said Google CEO Larry Page. “Circles? Hangouts? We can’t believe anyone ever fell for that.” Google Plus launched in June of 2011, making it Google’s most elaborate practical joke to date. “Every year we launch some obviously fake prank on April Fool’s Day. With Google Plus, we were in it for the long con,” said developer Mike Shirey. The use of profiles and streams led many users, such as our totally in-the-know 11-year-old nephew Cameron, to refer to Google Plus as “a poor man’s Facebook*” and “totally lameballs” (Cameron’s words).

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