Crying Teen Apologizes to Her Just Removed Wisdom Teeth

Crying Teen Apologizes to Her Just Removed Wisdom Teeth


Parting is such sweet sorrow, especially when you’re saying goodbye to your teeth. In a video that is bound to haunt Abbie Kritz for the rest of her life, the Kansas teen — under medication, of course — cries hysterically while she bemoans losing her wisdom teeth on the way home from the procedure. Kritz, who was in a car with her boyfriend and mother, was distraught that her teeth were taken from her and came out with several pearls of, well, wisdom to her wisdom teeth in order to express her eternal love for her choppers. Among the dandy lines she came up with are: “I did it against my own will, I would have kept you.” “I loved you from the first moment on.” “They were just trying to help me chew and I didn’t accept them. I could have accepted them.” “They just wanted to be a part of my body and I said ‘No, get out.’ I didn’t meant it. You can come back if you want.” Oh, the pain of letting go of something you love. We’re sure Abbie will get over the breakup with her teeth, especially now that she’s become the star of another great dentist video.

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