15 Disturbing Cosplay Images To Make Your Eyes Bleed

15 Disturbing Cosplay Images To Make Your Eyes Bleed (15 photo)


As you’re about to see not all Cosplay outfits are created equal. In case you didn’t know Cosplay is basically an abbreviation for ‘costume play’, a subculture around the world where fans dress up as their favorite superheros, characters or cartoons. It’s wonderfully entertaining seeing so many anime, comic book, film and manga fans the world over being so passionate and creatively obsessive about their fictional heroes. But like most subcultures, it’s prone to attracting some of the society’s more ‘eclectic’ characters – where the lines between being awesome and being slightly scary start to blur. We’re not talking wearing a Freddy Kruger outfit scary either, we’re talking downright creepy. So without further ado, here’s 15 disturbing Cosplay images, guaranteed to make your eyes bleed and question humanity itself. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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