Cops Called on Human-Sounding Screaming Goat

Cops Called on Human-Sounding Screaming Goat

A worried resident of Edwards Lane called the Putnam Sheriff’s Department last week to report hearing a man screaming for help.
Dispatchers could also hear the screams in the background of the call.
Deputies Will Page and Gary Davis were dispatched to the area to look for the screaming person.
“When I arrived, I spoke to the complainant,” says a report by Deputy Page.
“We could hear what appeared to be a man screaming for help in the direction of a residence on Jackson Passage north of Edwards Lane.” Deputy Page went in that direction looking for the screamer, he said. Soon, they found him. “It was actually coming from a goat that was tied to a fence,” the report says.
“I spoke to the owner, who stated that he was going to take care of the goat. We then returned to the complainant and notified her that everything was ok.”


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