Lady Gaga Turned Down $1 Million, Surprising Exactly No One

Lady Gaga Turned Down $1 Million, Surprising Exactly No One

If there’s anyone with whom Lady Gaga would have a bad romance, it would be the Republican party. Which is probably why Mother Monster — devout Democrat and patron saint of everything the GOP disdains — reportedly shunned a $1 million offer to perform for the grand old party during its convention last year.

According to E! News, evidence of the offer surfaced in documents filed in connection with a lawsuit from the American Action Network against an entertainment vendor.
“See what it would take to get Gaga instead of Dolly [Parton],” Pete Meachum, AAN’s director of development, wrote at the time, adding that they would be willing to donate sums to women’s groups — ostensibly selling out a large fraction of their voter base — to get Gaga to appear. Classy.
But Lady G was not persuaded by the offers, and neither were numerous other performers, including Pitbull and Dolly Parton. Who did the group get? Journey. (Lynyrd Skynyrd was also lined up but dropped out, and that’s what prompted the lawsuit.)
The RNC issued a statement saying it knows nothing about the internal conversations and added it “neither asked, offered, thought of or ever considered the idea of Lady Gaga performing at our convention.”
Which probably worked out well, since we’re pretty sure the ‘Born This Way’ singer also never “thought of or ever considered the idea” of performing there anyway.


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