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Poorly-Worded Hashtag for the Late Margaret Thatcher Makes People Think Cher is Dead

Poorly-Worded Hashtag for the Late Margaret Thatcher Makes People Think Cher is Dead


Twitter hashtags only have a couple purposes: track current conversational trends, and maybe keep people informed (or distracted). But every now and then a poorly-worded phrase confuses the masses. Like Susan Boyle‘s anal bum party. Or, in this case, a hashtag about today’s passing of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher — which oddly had Cher fans in an uproar. We can understand the confusion. The hashtag #nowthatchersdead was meant to be parsed out as “now Thatcher’s dead.” But it can certainly look like “now that Cher’s dead.” Oops. But don’t worry, Cher fans. Your 66-year-old icon is still going strong. Because, as the old joke goes, when the apocalypse finally comes, all that will be left are cockroaches, Keith Richards, and Cher.

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