The World's Favourite Cities Plunged Into Darkness

The World's Favourite Cities Plunged Into Darkness

Every major capital city suffers from light pollution, even in the depths of the night, total darkness rarely enters the streets – despite the best attempts of Earth Hour.
That’s why we’re huge fans of the photographic series ”Villes Eteintes” (translation: Darkened Cities) by French visual artist Thierry Cohen. Through his work, he’s given us all a glimpse at what cities like would look like if plunged into utter darkness.
But how did he achieve such feats? It wasn’t easy.
He actually noted down the precise latitude and angle of each individual photograph of the city, then set up his camera in an area on the exact same latitude & angle free from light pollution. As the world rotates on its axis, he was able to shoot the night sky, those very same stars and clouds that would have been visible above each city that same evening.
By separating the two, he was able to filter out the light from the city itself. These aren’t digitally altered with the intent of forming dream-like landscapes, but pieced together to capture a sleeping city as it truly should be witnessed.
All images © Thierry Cohen


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