'Pottering,' is The New 'Vadering'

'Pottering,' is The New 'Vadering' (16 photo)

In a short amount of time, the Internet has gone from "Kamehameha-ing" to "Vadering" to now, "Pottering," which Know Your Meme describes as, "a photo fad that entails photographing oneself leaping in the air with a broomstick tucked in between the legs in reference to Quidditch." What do those three memes have in common, outside of the fact that they originate from fanbases that describe themselves as "total nerds," even though Dragon Ball, Star Wars, and Harry Potter are three of the world's biggest franchises? They're all air-born activities, though only "Pottering" involves the use of a prop. And as Carrot Top taught us, everything's more fun with props. (It's true.)
Here's the best of "Pottering" meme, with much help from Public Pottering.

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