8 Hidden Messages You Never Noticed In Famous Movies

8 Hidden Messages You Never Noticed In Famous Movies

When watching a movie, most filmmakers are content with shoving all the information we need to understand a story right into our stupid faces. Because film is a medium designed for telling stories, right? Writers and directors don’t need to be coy about what it is they’re trying to say.
Unless what they’re trying to say is completely at your expense, of course, as is the case with most of the hidden messages we’ve assembled here (none of which are Disney entries, by the way, ’cause they’ve been done death elsewhere). Ask yourself, this, though: why did the filmmakers associated with these flicks take the time out of their busy schedules to ensure that these subtle inclusions made it into theatres?
The logical answer? To reward viewers patient enough to search for hidden clues, you say? Probably not. More than likely, it was all done to either make them feel good about themselves, or to ridicule our growing obsession with analysing each and every frame or everything we happen to gaze upon…

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