The Best Of The I Also Like To Live Dangerously Meme

The Best Of The I Also Like To Live Dangerously Meme

The original Austin Powers is one of those rare super successful '90s comedies that still holds up -- for the most part -- today, and maybe that's why I've enjoyed the recent resurgence of the forever classic "I also like to live dangerously" bit. Yes, boiled down this meme is pretty much just another take on "Some Men Want to Watch the World Burn" and "We've Got A Badass Over Here," and while I love Michael Caine and NdGT, their versions aren't derived from a iconic scene featuring The Soup Nazi as a blackjack dealer.
It all started a few months back when one clever Redditor shared their thoughts on watching someone do math with a pen and not long after that the macro got going full steam. The rest is recent internet history. There are now literally a thousand you can sift through. I -- of course -- have gathered a handful of the truly inspired ones here. Best of luck coming up with the work-specific version you'll be interoffice emailing later today.

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