10 Excuses Gamers Make For Sucking At Games

10 Excuses Gamers Make For Sucking At Games

We all have those moments of supreme gamer rage, where all logic seems to fly right out the window, and we turn to any old excuse we can find to blame the game or someone else for our failings as a player. We’ve all played those games that simply got the better of us and perhaps made us re-evaluate quite how good at games we are – it’s a tough reality to face up to, but once the rage has settled and the truth has sunk in, that normally seems to be the case.
Of course, sometimes the game is going to be poorly designed and your friends are going to be cheating, but most of the time these tend to be excuses players make to account for their sucky playing ability.
Here are 10 excuses gamers make for sucking at games…


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