5 Insane Alternate Versions Of Batman You Won't Believe Exist

5 Insane Alternate Versions Of Batman You Won't Believe Exist

So at this point, we all know Batman. We know his history, his parameters, his stance on crime, his story, his villains, everything. We know more about Batman than we probably know about ourselves.
But you know what? Maybe you are getting sick of “vanilla” Batman. Maybe you are begining to look at the source material for other “well written” and “diverse” superheroes like The Green Lantern or Wonder Woman. But I say phooey to that. Instead may I offer you 10 other Batmen to sink your teeth into. Batmen from different time zones, Batmen with different political views, Batmen with different morals, Batmen crossed with other superheroes. There is enough here to make sure that you never have to look at another superhero again. How’s that for diversity?


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