Tony Stark Is Having Nightmares In Newest 'Iron Man 3' Ads

Tony Stark Is Having Nightmares In Newest 'Iron Man 3' Ads (6 photo + 2 video)

You know how you’re sometimes watching an ad on TV late at night and then a different ad for the same product plays right after that, and you’re like, “Oh, come on!” Now imagine that happening thirteen times in a row. When would it start getting awesome? Around the seventh TV spot, we’d bet. That's exactly how they are hypping up the newest Iron Man 3 Movie. I don;t know about you guys, bu I pretty much know exactly what the movie is about and how it's going to end, after seeing all these commercials. My thoughts? There's no way I am paying $12 to see what I've already seen in the commercials for free.


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