Veep + Arrested Development In A Buster Bluth-Gary Walsh Mashup Tumblr

Veep + Arrested Development In A Buster Bluth-Gary Walsh Mashup Tumblr


If you've been watching Veep, you've noticed some similarities between Tony Hale's Gary Walsh and his most iconic role -- Arrested Development's Buster Bluth. They're both a bit off socially and have some, um, codependency issues with the matriarch in their life. Well, the internet has picked up on this as well. And Tony Hale has picked up on the internet picking up on this and recently tweeted a link to the new "Heeey Brothers!" Tumblr that presupposes that Gary and Buster are long lost twin brothers going through similar life experiences in different environments. Got that? It's all pretty great, and on top of that I suggest all of you brush up on all things Tony Hale because something tells me we all may be posing questions to him in the very near future. Read nothing into that and enjoy some of the best this fun new mashup Tumblr has to offer. And don't forget Veep did their own version of a Buster-Gary Walsh mashup in the S2 Premiere.

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