HBO's Veep Season 2 Episode 2, 'Signals,' Recap & Highlights

HBO's Veep Season 2 Episode 2, 'Signals,' Recap & Highlights (8 photo)

Last night’s episode saw Vice President Meyer — who is trying to get a handle on her newfound popularity — sent out to a pig roast, where she had to combat her daughter’s anti-Isreali and “voice solidarity with the Jewish people while standing in front of rotating pork.” Meanwhile, Gary discovers that his new girlfriend may be a leak, and Mike McLintock is dealing with the second stage of massive debt: Denial. Elsewhere, Dan and Amy form a tenuous bond after dealing with Amy’s annoying parents, and Jonah is as annoying as ever while taking his first trip on Air Force 2.
Below are the best lines of the week, and it was a damn good week for great lines, and don’t forget: Tony Hale (Gary Walsh, and Arrested Development’s Buster Bluth) will be by for a Q&A tomorrow.


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