Dogs Backflipping During NBA Playoffs Game Is Mesmerizing

Dogs Backflipping During NBA Playoffs Game Is Mesmerizing

Let’s face it: The opening weekend of the NBA Playoffs was sort of a letdown. Besides the thrilling Warriors/Nuggets game, we were treated to a weekend of blowouts, boredom and the Atlanta Hawks. The games ended with Oklahoma City laying a beating on the Houston Rockets that was as uneventful as it gets. That was until our salvation came in the form of the greatest halftime show of all time. [/hyperbole]
The show featured dogs proving that they’d one day rule the world Planet Of The Apes style as they did backflips and tricks and things that made me feel totally unaccomplished as the top of the food chain. I’m totally incapable of using words to do what I witnessed justice so thankfully, SB Nation is doing the world good by putting highlights in .gif form.
Watch and try to take your eyes off of it.


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