Sepp Blatter's Twitter Was Hacked

Sepp Blatter's Twitter Was Hacked (4 photo)

Earlier today, FIFA president Sepp Blatter started to get a little … weird on Twitter. His tweets went from “my thoughts are with the Dominica coach who died in a car accident” to I AM STEALING MONEY GO F**K YOURSELF QATAR pretty quickly, and shortly thereafter @FIFAWorldCup began tweeting about how FIFA executives had “held a meeting regarding the decision to host the 2022 World Cup in Qatar” and that Blatter would “step down due to corruption charges.” That was followed by increasingly suspicious tweets as the next hour rolled on, but soccer guys are basically the weirdest people in sports, so we weren’t really sure if this was his account being hacked or Sepp settling into some weird scandal and/or mental fit.
Here’s a look at those tweets:


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