People Love Throwing Things At One Direction's Harry Styles

People Love Throwing Things At One Direction's Harry Styles

Back in February, One Direction fans around the world held their collective breath when a random fan threw a shoe at the stage during the boy band’s performance in Glasgow, and striking Harry Styles right in the bangers and mash. But as people wondered if the leader of One Direction would ever get another One Erection (trademarked joke) the girl responsible for this hilarious, I mean heinous act came forward and apologized, claiming: “I just wanted him to touch something belonging to me.”
And thus, the future of the world grew even dimmer than we believed it could.

But it turns out that this wasn’t an isolated act. It seems that people chucking things at Styles’ crotch is a bit of a pastime at One Direction shows and appearances, as it seems to happen quite often. At least often enough for someone to put together this GIF collection of Styles being hit by random objects.


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