The Lannister Plotline From This Week's 'Game Of Thrones' In A Text

The Lannister Plotline From This Week's 'Game Of Thrones' In A Text

Some people complain that Game of Thrones is too complicated. However, the confusion about who is who on the show often can be confusing, and the credits at the end of each episode are often very helpful. Some of the context that the book readers are privy to is missing for us and so, occasionally, we get an older white guy with a beard confused with another older guy with a beard. The names can be confusing, too. There’s A LOT of names, and you’ve got Bran and Brienne and Bronn and Grenn and Gendry and Gilly and Jory and Jojen and Jeor Mormont, and a lot of other names, and many of those people have NICKNAMES like The Hound or The Kinslayer or Khaleesi, and MY GOD, many of these characters are only onscreen for a few minutes each episode or in some cases, they only appear every few episodes, and many of them look similar and they’re all sleeping together and plotting against each other, and HOLY SH*T it can get complicated.
Take, for instance, the final scene in this Sunday’s episode. Tywin was talking to Tyrion and Cersei about who they are meant to marry, and there were a lot of names being passed around, and it might have been difficult to follow without rewinding. But thanks to a Redditor, that last scene has been perfectly encapsulated with picture-perfect clarity in a single text:


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