40 People Who Are Celebrating 'National Burger Month'

40 People Who Are Celebrating 'National Burger Month'

May means many things to many people. It's the beginning of wedding season, Cinco de Mayo is coming up, it's when summer blockbuster movies start to come out, it's way too long until the NFL is back, and it's the month that gave us Christina Hendricks. But most importantly, May is NATIONAL BURGER MONTH. *shotguns 17 burgers like Liz Lemon eating pizza*
Why May? No one seems to know, but who cares? Any excuse to eat burgers, be they cheesed or otherwise, is a good one for us, and now we use the "I'm doing it for the good of the nation" card. In honor of the calender flipping from April to May, here's a collection of people (and animals) who are celebrating National Burger Month the right way.


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