10 Side-Splittingly Funny Rollercoaster Action Shots

10 Side-Splittingly Funny Rollercoaster Action Shots

Aside from hurtling down a track of metal at a 70 degree angle, one of the best things about getting on a rollercoaster is the inevitable ‘action shot’. That moment when the rollercoaster is at its steepest point, where you think you’re about to plunge to your death and just as you tip over the edge…. BOOM – there’s a camera capturing your terrified expression as you plunge 30ft down into the abyss below.
Well here’s 10 individuals that decided to make their action shot moments a little more memorable, for all the right reasons. We won’t ruin all the fun for you though, best here’s 10 of the funniest rollercoaster action shots we’ve come across in a while!


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