Rhett & Link: Worst Commercial You’ve Ever Seen

Rhett & Link: Worst Commercial You’ve Ever Seen

Local commercials don’t get much worse than this.

The ad for Arlen’s Transmission in Pasadena, California will leave you scratching your head in bewilderment and laughing in disbelief.
Created by viral video wizards Rhett and Link (the good people responsible for the legendary Chuck Testa), this ad has the feel of a ‘Saturday Night Live’ parody with a dash of Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ sprinkled in for good (or bad) measure.
The lyrics (“Shift it! Shift it!”), the singing, the dancing, the sexual undertones — it’s all so over-the-top terrible that you’re bound to forget it’s an ad for a body shop.
Let’s just hope Arlen and his team are more adept fixing your brakes than they are at carrying a tune.


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