14 Controversial & Disturbing Items You Can Buy On Etsy

14 Controversial & Disturbing Items You Can Buy On Etsy

We want to preface this post buy saying we’re actually big fans of Etsy, the huge online community is a fantastic marketing place for sell your own handmade items or even track down some affordable (and often awesome) artwork.
But like anything that is open to the public, occasionally you’re going to get a few unusual and often creepy items crop up…..There’s a difference mind you, between bizarre and downright nightmarish. These next 14 examples fall into the “I won’t be sleeping tonight” category - which makes you wonder, would anyone want them in their home?
Let us know what you think, are we right in labeling them more than a little strange & unsettling? Or would you happy have them around the home to freak out your friends?
If you’ve found items that just as peculiar, let us know by leaving links in the comments below.


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