32 Awful Tattoos To Make You Lose Faith In Humanity

32 Awful Tattoos To Make You Lose Faith In Humanity

Before you think about getting a tattoo, please do yourself and the rest of the planet a favor, that it won’t ever be as bad as what you’re about to witness….
Maybe these 32 individuals lost a bet, maybe they got unlucky and ended up with the apprentice tattooist or maybe they just purposely decided to get some of the worst tattoos ever known to mankind, we can’t really be sure. What’s even more dumbfounding about these 32 acts of lunacy, is that they could have opted to get awesome tattoos like these (maybe not so much this lot mind you) – but instead decided to throw caution & logic out of the window.
The result are typos, multiple penises on foreheads, ode’s to Wal-Mart and McDonald’s and even Psy from Gangnam Style….
Who knows, maybe they love them and if they do, that’s awesome. For the rest of us, we can only look on in horror. Do let us know which ones leave the greatest impression on you….


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