Sombre Images From Inside The Wreckage Of Car Crashes

Sombre Images From Inside The Wreckage Of Car Crashes

Here’s a photographic series that is a sombre as it is compelling.
Danish photographer Nicolai Howalt has crawled inside the wreckage of numerous car crashes and captured those final moments of impact. There is no blood, no mention of the drivers or details about how the accident or crash happened – yet each car featured has either been in a severe and potentially fatal accident. Collectively they serve as a stark and sombre reminder of the dangers of driving carelessly and without caution on the road.
There’s something a little dream-like about Howlat’s powerful and visually confronting work. You can’t help but imagine what it might have been like had it been you sitting in those front seats, that sharp twinge and recognition of our own mortality and a very real fear of what fate may have had in store for the future.
You can see more of his striking work via his official site as well as purchase limited edition copies of his book you can purchase his book here: [ ] And please remember next time you get behind the wheel, try not to end up in one of his future photographs…


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