The 20 Best Alison Brie GIFs From Community Season 4

The 20 Best Alison Brie GIFs From Community Season 4

As divisive as the fourth season of Community has been (for the record, I've quite enjoyed it) I'm certain the only gripe we should all share is the lack of Alison Brie GIF-able moments. I mean, Dan Harmon had the good sense to plan them well in advance. Is it really that hard to write in scenes combo-ing low cut blouses and slo-mo action? Nope. I've got plenty on my hard drive.
It's not like S4 has been completely devoid of Alison Brie-Annie Edison GIFs though. With the finale bearing down on us I've labored through the interwebs to collect all the best ones, in episodic order. You guys owe me. Fair warning: these lean more funny & charming than yowza, which coincidentally enough is how I take my ladies. Alison, text me baby.


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