‘Spagging’ Makes Pouty Faces Tolerable and Hilarious

‘Spagging’ Makes Pouty Faces Tolerable and Hilarious (10 photo)

The “duck face.” It’s an epidemic across all forms of social media, and why it exists, we haven’t the slightest clue. You know what we’re talking about– that ultra pouty, furrowed brows, I’ve-got-’tude-right-now-and-you-can’t-handle-it sort of expression. And yes, we’ve been guilty of doing it maybe once or twice in 2007. Whatever. But whether you’re a fan or a facial-pouting hater, we think you’ll enjoy the versions we recently discovered. Ladies and gents, say hello to ‘spagging’.
A Photoshop genius recently took to Imgur and shared the greatest improvements of said duck face. Basically, the user made everyone look like they’re slurping up a piece of spaghetti. Again, genius. See what we mean below.


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