Video Breakdown: 'Sexy People (The FIAT Song)' by Arianna ft. Pitbull

Video Breakdown: 'Sexy People (The FIAT Song)' by Arianna ft. Pitbull


I'll be the first to admit that I don't know exactly what's happening here. This is what I've figured out so far: You know that FIAT commercial where the cars drive around underwater? The one that starts with the lady singing "When I hear the ocean calling"? Well, it's a full-length music video now, and it features Pitbull -- who has evidently taken a momentary break from hawing every carbonated liquid known to man so he can sell you tiny Italian cars -- storming a beach on a tricked-out, model-filled yacht like the Eisenhower of sexy dance parties. And there are surprise guests. And dancing seahorses. And the one girl from 3LW grinding on a giant party bro made out of sand. And mermaids. And catapults. Here's what I'm getting at: You should watch this video. I'm going to pick out the highlights and discuss them in a minute, as I have done with my other music video breakdowns, but really ... you should watch this video. Trust me on this.


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