An Impoverished Community Revitalised Through Art

An Impoverished Community Revitalised Through Art 


It’s amazing what can be achieved when nobody is fighting over who takes the credit isn’t it? Here’s a story of one such scenario, it began when a civil engineer, two visual artists, a PR professional and an architect formed an art collective called Boa Mistura in Spain. Their name actually translates into ‘good mixture’, a reference to all the individuals and their professions within the group. They recently headed to one of the poorest and long forgotten house estates in Panama City called El Chorrillo with a goal to restore a sense of pride, vitality, community and creativity to an area which had long fallen into disarray, a concrete blight in a discarded neighbourhood. They opted to injected some much-needed vibrancy into the house block, working closely with locals, they painted the entire facade in rich tones and eye-popping colours. What’s even more impressive is the fact those colours were selected by the tenants themselves and then moulded into one unified design. A multitude of colours, chosen and painted by a community of individuals with their own unique stories. The final design spells out the phrase “Somos Luz” which means ‘We Are Light’ – a shining example that by working together, we can make the world a better place for every individual.

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