21 Brillant Objects Made From Recycled Materials

21 Brillant Objects Made From Recycled Materials


Out of all the items we purchase every day, how many do we keep for over a year? Not many. Now more than ever, we seem quite at ease constantly discarding and throwing away items at will. You might take one last sip from a plastic bottle and toss it aside in the bin or your keyboard dies and you launch it onto the scrap heap for the council to pick up. We seldom keep anything and whilst we might recycle, we often don’t reuse. With that in mind, today’s post is designed to give you little inspiration and some examples of every time items that you can reuse and convert into some pretty cool items for you home, plus they’ll prove to be a major talking point! So next time you’re about throw away an item, just think – it might look really good on your wall, hanging from the ceiling or even make a unique chair to sit on. If you have any suggestions, please leave us a comment in the post below we’d love to hear them!


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