Get Ready To Tell Shaquille O'Neal How His 'Shaqfighter' Tastes

Get Ready To Tell Shaquille O'Neal How His 'Shaqfighter' Tastes (3 photo)

Psst, hey, kid. You there. Remember the ’90s? No, this isn’t Buzzfeed, hear me out. Dude, remember the ’90s? Remember Shaq-Fu? Oh dude, tell me you remember the game where Shaquille O’Neal gets pulled into an alternate dimension while on his way to a charity basketball game, then proceeds to fight a cyborg with martial arts in a game involving no basketball whatsoever? That would be a stupid and insane concept for a video game, you say? Oh, but it happened, kid. I seen it.
Shaq-Fu was a notoriously awful and unplayable 16 bit fighting game, and yet here we are again, standing on the precipice of history, about to witness another Shaq video game involving no basketball despite that being the only reason — besides Kazaam and his rap masterpieces, of course — that we know who Shaquille O’Neal is.
Shaq has registered a trademark for Shaqfighter.


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