Riddle of The Day. What Is It For?

Riddle of The Day. What Is It For?

You may have to make the most ridiculous faces while wearing it, but the Facewaver Exercise Mask is true to the saying: beauty is pain, or in this case, beauty makes you look like a fool.
The mask’s function is to get rid of unsightly facial wrinkles, lines and any kind of sagging. In order for the magic to happen, however, it requires that you wear the rather tight-looking mask and pull all kinds of faces.
The mask’s stretchy material ensures that it tightens the face and cheeks, getting rid of all those signs of aging. If this is done each day for just 5 minutes, a more youthful face will be the result.
It only comes in pink and sells for $61 and, as you’ve already guessed, is made in Japan.


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