10 Extremely Grilled Foods We Don’t Want for Memorial Day BBQs

10 Extremely Grilled Foods We Don’t Want for Memorial Day BBQs (10 photo)

It’s Memorial Day today, which certainly means some of you are planning to have a cookout. Whipping out the ol’ BBQ for the first time all year is no doubt exciting, but sometimes the “Grill Master” (as our dad nicknamed himself) become a little too wrapped up in said excitement AKA beer. And you know what happens as a result? Extra-crispy, black, covered-in-carcinogens food. Deeee-lish.
While some BBQ fans might enjoy a little char here and there, we highly doubt many, if any, prefer the “tastes like straight up ash” variety of food (unless they, too, became a little too wrapped up in all the “excitement”). Let these 10 extremely grilled foods be a friendly little reminder to watch those burgers on the grill, folks!


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