25 Immortal 'Arrested Development' Season 4 GIFs

25 Immortal 'Arrested Development' Season 4 GIFs

If a show is only as good as the GIFs it provides, then Arrested Development is a goddamn masterpiece. Actually, it's a goddamn masterpiece by any measure — it just so happens to be one of greatest GIF-able shows of all-time, too. Luckily, season four wasn't a let down in the GIF department, and scenes and quotes are slowly starting to be forever immortalized, now that more and more people have finished their 15-episode binge.
Later in the day, we'll have a character-by-character breakdown, but until then, please enjoy 25 of Arrested Development season four's finest GIFs (and a note to GIF makers out there, no love for Nadine Velazquez?).


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