The 15 Definitive Isla Fisher GIFs

The 15 Definitive Isla Fisher GIFs

It's been a very good year for Isla Fisher. So good, in fact, that maybe people will finally stop referring to her as, "The girl who kind of looks like Amy Adams." Fisher played a key role in the resurrected Arrested Development, as George-Michael and Michael's girlfriend/Ron Howard's daughter, not prostitute Rebel, and she can currently be seen in both The Great Gatsby and Now You See Me, with another film, the as-yet unnamed "Untitled Elmore Leonard Project," starring Jennifer Aniston and John Hawkes, due out late 2013 or early 2014.
So, today, to celebrate Hollywood's least-likely Jew (she converted to Judaism before marrying Sacha Baron Cohen — she even keeps Shabbat!), we present to you a GIF set honoring the former-not Amy Adams, Isla Fisher.


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