12 Rare Photos Of Actors Laughing Between Scenes

12 Rare Photos Of Actors Laughing Between Scenes (12 photo)

If you’re an actor on set with hundreds of production staff scattering around constantly being yelled direction and with the added the pressure of deadlines and expectations of nailing that first take, it’s no wonder it can get a little overwhelming and stressful at times. That’s why even some of the biggest names break character and blow off some steam. Sometimes you make so many mistakes or things go do badly wrong that you just have to laugh at the absudiry of the situation.Even Hollywood with all its millions needs a bit of respite from it all.
In these rarely seen photos take on the set of some of the most popular films over the past few decades, thats exactly what happens.
No matter how focused you are, how serious the scene – occasionally you can’t help but get a case of the giggles.


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