The New 'White House Down' Trailer Is Four Minutes Of Awesomeness

The New 'White House Down' Trailer Is Four Minutes Of Awesomeness

Late last night, as I was watching the Tony Awards… wait, no. I was doing 1,000 pushups, and Vince emailed me this brief message: “A 4 minute trailer? The f*ck?” He was speaking, of course, of the newest trailer for Roland Emmerich’s White House Down, which stars Channing Tatum as Secret Agent Cole Baretta (or John Cale), a man who just wants a simple job with the Secret Service so he can make an honest living and raise his daughter.
My response was, “Why wouldn’t there be a 4 minutes trailer?” This is, after all, the biggest movie of the year that we’re talking about right here. And what we know now that we already kind of knew before was that this is like Training Day and In the Line of Fire met Lethal Weapon at a pilates class, took it out for drinks and had a raunchy threeway with it on top of a pile of Die Hard DVDs. All set, of course, to Led Zeppelin.
Sadly, it’s not Zepp with Diddy this time.


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