Let's Watch Mike Tyson Perform At The Tony Awards | With Leather

Let's Watch Mike Tyson Perform At The Tony Awards | With Leather

Want to watch Mike Tyson emerge from a pack of cheerleaders and do boxing-themed dance moves in a James Bond tuxedo with Doogie Howser? Of course you do.
I can’t say I’m an avid watcher of the Tony Awards. My cousin Brad won a Tony back in 2010 for being in the cast of ‘Memphis’ and I appreciate anything Trey Parker’s doing, but aside from that the show sorta slips through my radar. That said, the Tony Awards can enjoy a forced thrust into sports blog relevancy by including a reference to Mike Tyson’s one-man show (and Mike Tyson) during Neil Patrick Harris’s big opening number. Here’s what you need to know: Mike Tyson is not great with choreography, but he’s trying, bless his heart.
I’ve included the song below with a helpful jump edit to Tyson’s cameo, but feel free to rewind and watch the entire thing if that’s your bag. It’s got everything you’d want from a blockbuster show opening number … magic tricks, circus acts, child actor dane routines and catty bagging on the film version of Les Miserables. FUN FOR EVERYONE.


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