Passionate Music Fans Emulate Their Favourite Bands

Passionate Music Fans Emulate Their Favourite Bands


Now of course it’s all about the songs, but becoming a hardcore music fan goes much deeper than just casually enjoying a few tracks. It might take a few months or even a few years, but over time there are certain bands & artists whose style, lyrics and attitude resonate with you. And as time goes on, your memories of discovering them or seeing them live give you a deeper connection with the artists – regardless of whether you’ve ever met them or not. So it’s no surprise that when it comes to live shows, many music fans dress up to relate and also celebrate with the bands they love. You’re there because of the music, but by dressing in the style of your music idols it’s a further acknowledgement of your passion and love for them. Talented photographer James Mollison hit up the ingenious idea of traveling around the USA and Europe inviting fans into his mobile photography studio just outside countless live venues. His aim was to shoot fans prior to the show – all decked out to the nines. In total he photographed over 500 fans from all different genres collating them all in his fascinating & refreshing book ‘The Disciples’. In doing so, he’s not only successfully documented the tribal nature of passionate & creative music fans, he’s highlighted just how powerful and inclusive the world of music in contemporary culture can be.


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