'Veep' Season Two Finale Recap: The 10 Funniest, Meanest Lines

'Veep' Season Two Finale Recap: The 10 Funniest, Meanest Lines


It essentially entailed a half-hour of flip flops, in which we didn’t know if Vice President Meyer would be quitting the Presidential ticket, getting fired from the ticket, or running as President in two years or six, but last night’s season finale of Veep easily featured the highest number of outstanding lines (there were several more that didn’t make the cut). In the end, it was the president’s team — Kent, Jonah, and Ben — that were on the outs, while the VP is poised to make a run for the Presidency in two years, along with a core team that doesn’t include “Br-Br-Br-ead?” Minnesota Governor Chung appears to be her primary challenger, while Roger Furlong will be the VP’s likely running mate, which means at least another season or two of Dan Bakkedahl’s Furlong taking the piss out of his assistant, Will (Nelson Franklin), which has become my favorite part of the show. It was another fantastic season of Veep, and I cannot wait to see where Armando Iannucci takes it during election season next year. Here were the episode’s best lines.


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