Ermahgerd: The 12 Most Ridiculous Faces Of Wimbledon

Ermahgerd: The 12 Most Ridiculous Faces Of Wimbledon

Look, we don't usually give much love to tennis around here, but OMG the faces! THE FACES!!! They're just so meme-able -- we simply can no longer ignore them.
Sure, the first week has been chock full of drama (from Sharapova and Williams spatting off the court to Federer bowing out in round 2 to ball boys eating it) but NOTHING is as good as all the "Ermahgerd, I'm concentrating so hard on the ball so hard right now" faces. These poor players have no idea what the must look like while playing tennis. They are practically walking memes. Check out the most ridiculous faces of the tournament so far. (Though it's really hard to top the image below.)


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